Speakers & Topics


Brett Murray

Executive director and head of strategic design & innovation

JP Morgan Chase & Co. USA

"How to destroy traditional businesses"

Versatile marketing and operations executive with 24 years of Silicon Valley product conception, marketing strategy, brand, design, campaign & content creation, lead generation, and communications experience across JPMorgan Chase, NVIDIA, Nokia, TiVo, Apple, Handspring and startups.

I fundamentally believe that technology is one of the few places we can watch human evolution in real-time, and playing a role in helping to create and communicate that innovation to the world is what makes me jump out of bed in the morning and keeps me up thinking late at night.


Andy Grignon

Design and Technology Fellow

JP Morgan Chase & Co. USA


In his previous positions as Sr. Software Engineer and Sr. Manager he helped start the iPhone and worked on several releases of MacOS X. He was one of Steve Job’s close associates.

While working for Palm, he started the webOS and led the development of it’s 7 releases. Today Andy and his team are responsible for re-thinking all aspects of money in JP Morgan and Chase.


Petra Stojanović van Kahn

Business Development Manager

Google Cloud for Financial Services, Netherland

"New business model: Google Bank"

"Petra will talk about Google's perspective of how Cloud Technology and the influence of Big Tech is changing the banking industry. Big Tech developments impact both the consumers' expectations (influences like voice technology, smart assistants, etc) on how their bank should serve them, as well as the way banks can comply to ever-increasing regulatory burdens (like using AI in financial fraud detection). "


Leon Stevens

EVP Global Customer Operations & Chief Revenue Officer

FintechOS, UK

"Bank of the Future"

An experienced Executive with 25 years in the Software Industry. Consistently achieving solid growth in software and cloud services across both global and regional led operations, with the leading technology companies and cloud start-ups.I have worked both the traditional Infrastructure market, LOB Business Applications and SaaS business model, possessing strong ITSM, ECM, Automaton, Analytics, AI, Security, BPM and CRM knowledge.

Elena Lavezzi

Elena Lavezzi

Head of Southern Europe - Growth



+8 years' experience in growth, expansion, operations, go-to-market and business development in international tech companies (sharing economy, mobility and fintech). Passionate about business models that are going to reinvent entire industries. Based in Milan after many experiences abroad (London, Paris, NYC and Mumbai).


Dražen Oreščanin

President of the Board

Poslovna inteligencija, Croatia


Solution and Database architect in a wide variety of Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data Warehouse and Performance Management applications, with more than 25 years of experience in projects in largest companies in Europe and the Middle East.

Dražen is also the main architect of PI Telco DWH model and experienced with major DWH / ETL / BI platforms including Informatica, IBM and Microsoft.

Companies that he advised include mostly communication operators from Deutsche Telecom Group, Telenor Group, Telekom Austria Group, Ooredoo Group, Liberty Global and Saudi Telecom Company. Beside operators, Dražen delivered architectures and solutions also for banks, retail and utility.


Paul Corke

Author, Leadership Thinker and Speaker

Leadership Architecture Consulting, UK

"How Fintechs are disrupting Leadership Development"

Paul has worked in the financial industry for over 20 years specialising in leadership and organisational development roles more recently with Lloyds Banking Group and previously with MBNA, Bank of America, Barclaycard, HBOS, Bank of Scotland and Capital Bank.

Over the years Paul has developed leaders through various experiential, collaborative and digital solutions to provide a blended and innovative approach to Leadership Development. Paul provides an engaging and interactive talk on the importance of having the right leadership architecture in place for your organisation and how Fintech’s are providing self-service machine powered solutions to the building leadership development strategy for organisations.

A case study will be discussed where an organisation using digital technology as a key driver for its leadership development strategy moved employee engagement by 40%+ and how creating a collaborative learning environment enhances business performance.

Paul now consults to work with organisations to create a shared understanding of leadership aligned to their business strategy to develop leaders who can shape the future of their business today and ensures organisations have the right leadership foundation, blueprint and architecture in place to ensure they get long term behavioural change and results.


Marijo Volarević

Chief Digital Officer

Croatia Insurance Plc. Croatia

"Impact of replacing property ownership with experience"

Marijo is a Digital Transformation leader with international experience, strong information technology background and analytical skills coupled with astute business acumen in various industries - Telecommunications, Life Sciences, Information Technology and Services and Financial industry.

He is specialized in forward-looking business transformation, ensuring that an enterprise's digital strategy is optimal, given current and emerging digital realities, opportunities and threats.
A challenge for Financial industry will be discussed, where customers are turning to rent/lease experience instead of buying property, changing the very fundamentals of insurance and collateral loans?

Marijo will guide us through the impact of experience based society and economy. Digital transformation has replaced private property like CDs, summer homes and Cars with streaming apps or sharing platforms, creating new challenges of bundling and billing financial services into these new experience services.

With service deregulation (PSD2, IDD) and new operating model required, market may need to be reshaped, although tobacco industry shows that it may actually help market leaders.


Fede Ponce

Chief innovation officer - Human Centered Design

Ronin X Design, USA

"The era of decentralized markets is upon us and the financial industry risks falling behind"

True innovation begins at the root of a system. The massive challenges of climate change, data privacy and income inequality present powerful opportunities and demand new ways of thinking. Can we move to decentralize finance and empower users to create a positive impact in a user-owned data ecosystem? What if the more you drove the more you cleaned the air and got paid for it? What if your vehicle was part of a dynamic energy grid and clean water supply and were able to exchange green credits with your peers.

As the owner of High Res Hype inc. Fede has had the pleasure of serving the entertainment, transportation and industrial design clients in the U.S. and Mexico. Thanks to his experience in high-end technology his services are expanding to Asian markets.
Fede's passion is solving complex problems, by creating data-driven, user-centred design solutions. The scope and complexity of these problems sometimes require leading a multidisciplinary team of professionals and sometimes it's a solo operation. As the owner of HRH inc. Fede has the flexibility to offer his services as principal UI UX designer or senior manager.

Design's ultimate purpose is not the aesthetic experience for pleasure's sake. It is a powerful communication tool that can help improve life for the user. My core value is constructing a life of service through design.


Ivica Kostelić


Croatian national ski team, Croatia

"My life experience"

Ivica Kostelić is a former World Cup alpine ski racer from Croatia. He specialized in slalom and combined, but was also one of the few alpine World Cup ski racers able to score points in all disciplines. He is the brother of skiing champion Janica Kostelić.

After considerable success in junior competitions, Kostelić's World Cup career alternated between triumph and injury. His main accomplishments include a World Championship gold medal in slalom in 2003, Olympic silver medal in slalom in 2010, Olympic silver medals in combined in 2006 (traditional combined), 2010 (super combined) and 2014, as well as the overall World Cup title in 2011.

Today his passion and the new challenge is sailing.


Milan Horvat


FIMA Plus, Croatia

"Digital Asset Exchange"

Experienced Entrepreneur, CEO and Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry and investment banking. Has been operating on the capital market for the last 30 years and is also currently active on the cryptocurrency market.

Skilled in Business Planning, R&A and Trading in Securities and Cryptocurrencies, Portfolio and Asset Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, IPO, STO & ICO. Strong consulting professional with a Master of Science focused on Economics and Finances. “I think that Digital Asset Market is Capital Market 2.0”

Matti-Laamanen-round (1)

Matti Laamanen

Senior Advisor

EMU Growth Partners Oy, Helsinki, Finland

"A new way of accounting companies to support businesses"

Matti’s career in companies like Nokia, Digital Equipment Corporation, Dow Jones Telerate and later on as an entrepreneur with growth companies like Wicom Communications Oy (acquired by SAP) and some others has been involved in business development, sales and marketing, international management and development of business processes incl. administration.

His background as M.Sc. (Econ. and Business Administration) has brought him into the start-up and growth company areas, where effective admin services are enabling key persons to focus on product development and growing the business instead of getting too much involved in bureaucracy and admin stuff.


Dejan Cvetković

Global Technical Sales Lead

Microsoft Co., USA